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Anyone who doesn't fall for the unique characters, hilarous dialogue, and brilliantly conceived encironments of Psychonauts has no soul. -Electronic Gaming Monthly
Hugely inventive, charming, and funny. -Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
An experience that feels wholly original in every aspect of its execution. -Gamespot
A prime example of how well an imaginary world can be beautifully conceived. -Computer Gaming World
If you're the kind of gamer who craves the weird and unusual, look no further; this is your game. -Game Chronicles
If you don't buy Psychonauts, you "are against children-- and against love." -Inside Gamer Online
Weird, funny, immensely playable, and has that nigh-unclassifiable thing we can only call charm. -Yahoo! Games
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Available on the Mac App Store Buy it on Steam - Play on Mac or PC
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